During 2013 and 2014 Rico and Deon ran the Formula Supercar of Nick Adcock, where Team RBR won the Gold Championship for both years. Currently Team RBR runs the Ligier JS49 in the Africa Endurance Series, where they are leading the AES 2016 Championship, they run Mike Verrier in the Formula VW Single Seater and Richard Starkey in the Formula Supercar.  In the wings stands the Radical SR8 of Josh Broome, which is currently under repairs.

Ligier JS49 – Owner: Nick Adcock

The Ligier was built by Guy Ligier after he sold his F1 team – he purchased the F3 constructor Martini and designed a car around the chassis, specifically for long distance endurance racing for gentlemen drivers, such as in the V de V series. Ligier is now owned by Onroak Automotive who have just won the Daytona 24 with their LMP2 Ligier. The car weighs circa 550kg, has a Honda K20 V tec motor with a Sadev 6 speed sequential gearbox operated by paddle shift. Engine Management is via Life Racing ECU and dash by PI. Whilst the car isn’t overpowered at 260bhp it is light, stops on a sixpence and possesses significant downforce. This particular chassis was developed by Bryce Wilson of IF Motorsport who were the UK Ligier dealer. They ran several cars in the V de V and UK equivalent, the Speed series.

Radical SR8 – Owner: Josh Broome

The SR8 RX is Radical's proven V8-powered racer and it provides the definitive visceral driving experience. Physics-defying grip, relentless acceleration and powerful brakes add up to a two-seater track car that can lap Silverstone in the same time as a Formula 3 single-seater – but at a fraction of the price. The SR8 RX's styling and chassis have been developed to comply with FIA CN class regulations, homologating the SR8 RX for international competition well into the future.
RPE's acclaimed 2.7-litre RPX V8 engine develops an incredible 430bhp and powers the SR8 RX through a unique RPE/Quaife six-speed transaxle. Coupled with the RPE paddleshift system and auto-blipper, flat upshifts and clutchless downshift are part of the package. This was the same specification used by Michael Vergers to set the production car lap record around the fearsome Nürburgring Nordschleife in August 2009. This longstanding flagship of the Radical range is the most thrilling yet easily manageable track and racing car available.

Formula VW Single Seater – Owner: Mike Verrier

Formula Volkswagen, high-performance single-seater racing cars, all fitted with 162kW engines, 5-speed sequential gearboxes, aerodynamic aides and slick tyres. The rear-wheel drive race cars of the Formula Volkswagen series have more power than the 3.2 V6 engine of the Golf R32 and yet the body weighs just 600kg – that’s 489kg lighter than a 1.4 Volkswagen Polo!

Formula Supercar – Owner: Richard Starkey

The one-make series Designed and built in the Owen Ashley Auto Developments workshop, situated literally metres from the back straight at Killarney. Owen’s brilliant design comprises a tubular space frame chassis fitted with fully adjustable race suspension and powered by a 2L Opel 8-valve “Boss” engine. The entire package is covered by a fiberglass body shell in the shape of an Opel Astra. The result is a lightweight rear-wheel drive racecar that can set blistering lap times, yet still be affordable enough to be raced at club level. The key to this affordability is the strictly controlled series regulations, which prohibit modifications to the cars in any way. This helps to keep the costs down and makes for equal racing. All replacement parts, as well as tyres and fuel are specified and controlled. Power output, which is limited to a maximum of 133 kW and 218 Nm, is measured by means of dyno testing before and after race meetings.